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Save The Date!

BlendWebMix is coming back to Lyon on October 24 & 25, 2018.

BlendWebMix : 2 days to improve your efficiency and stay productive for the rest of the year!


What exactly BlendWebMix is?

BlendWebMix is 2 days of conferences, meetings and exchanges around the Web-related themes.

BlendWebMix welcomes everyone, as it is a bona fide Melting Pot of amateurs, professionals, experts, beginners and even onlookers.

Whether you already are a member or simply interested in the Web ecosystem, this event is not to be missed!


Taking part in BlendWebMix means:

Tasting what is going to be served on our digital-flavoured menu, when entrepreneurs, startuppers, investors, recruiters, researchers, developers and designers mix their specialities, learn, share and build their network.


The crew

BlendWebMix is a community-based non-profit conference: it is led by a team of over 50 devoted volunteers of all ages and profiles as well as a 100 volunteers who run the place on the D-Day!

The 3 editorial boards of BlendWebMix

Editorial boards are partly in charge of selecting conferences which will animate the event. The board members – all experts in their field of action – scrupulously study each suggested profile and pick the most relevant ones in order to make BlendWebMix a staple for the webmakers.